I have hail damage to my roof in Dallas / Fort Worth. Now what do I do? 

Good Guys Roofing recommends having your roof inspected by a professional. The owner of Good Guys Roofing is a Haag Engineering certified roof inspector and has been licensed by the state of Texas for property claims. Joe is strictly a roofing contractor, but he has the background needed to help you identify damage and communicate the need for a roof replacement to you insurance adjuster. 

We don't always recommend filing a claim if you have marginal damage that can be repaired. Sometimes when you file an insurance claim when you're roof has not met the threshold of replacement by most carriers, this can put you at a huge disadvantage.


For Example:

A Partially Damaged Roof, Gutters, and Window Screens = $3,700 and your deductible is $4,000. This means your insurance company will send you an estimate for repairs however you will also get a letter stating your damage does not exceed your deductible, and therefore will be paid nothing on this claim. It gets worse..! The next time you file a claim for your roof replacement, the $3,700 in damages will be withheld from your next claim unless you can prove you repaired them which is essentialy paying two deductibles back to back. We jokingly say that asking a roofing contractor in Dallas if your roof is damaged is like asking a dog if he's hungry. 


Make sure your roofing contractor shows you photos of your roof damage and explains the insurance claims process before filing a claim.  

Dog in Action

Insurance Claims Process

Once you've identified the damage and decided you want to file your insurance claim, you should look up your claims 800 number or even find out if you can file the claim online. 

Once you've filed the claim

  1. Wait to hear from your field inspector / adjuster (1-3 days)

  2. Contact your roofing contractor of choice to let him/her know when your adjuster will arrive (typically meetings are scheduled 1-7 days after the initial contact)

  3. The adjuster and your roofer will meet and walk the property to inspect your home for damages

  4. The insurance company will mail you a detailed report of the damages and payment schedule or even print one out on the spot. This varies from carrier to carrier and even with adjuster to adjuster depending on their experience with each carrier (junior adjusters may not have claim settlement authority).

  5. Meet with your contractor to go over the scope and any discrepancies or reconciliations that may be required

  6. Select the building materials and colors and go over the build process with your roofing contractor, and schedule the project