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How to hire a roofing contractor in DFW

There are close to 7,000 roofing contractors in DFW. How the heck are you supposed to hire the right one? Or one of the right ones?

I always recommend hiring a contractor that you feel comfortable with first and foremost. If you do not feel comfortable with someone or a contractor, DO NOT HIRE THEM. A roofing project in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) will cost tens of thousands of dollars and that company will be handling one of the most if not the most critical part of your house repaired.

Their ability to deliver the best product and provide the best follow up service should you need a warranty call should be paramount in your decision making. This contractor will be able to show you in detail photos of your roof build.

Many of the problems we see many roofers in DFW.

  1. Re-using chimney, skylight, and other flashings

  2. Re-roofing your house on a 90 or 100 degree summer's day which can cause scuffing of asphalt shingles.

  3. Careless property, pool, and landscape protection.

  4. Using inferior shingles.. Namely #2 or factory seconds. These #2s typically do not come in the factory packaging as they are rejected on the production line for performance issues (typically the sealant strip) .This gamble can save you thousands of dollars on the roof install but cost you a multiple of that down the road.

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