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Good Guys Roofing Company Roof & Leak Repair - Maintenance

Why is my roof leaking? What causes a roof to leak in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

Why does my roof leak? Roofs Leak for a variety of reasons: Improper installation, and lack of maintenance are the main causes. Storm Damage is another cause of your roof to leak.

Pipe Flashings:

1.) PVC "Soil stacks" pipe flashings frequently leak due to improper installation techniques

2.) Type B Gas Vent Flashings also leak due to old silicone, rusted roof flashings, and improper installation. They can also leak through no fault of the previous contractor due to basic thermal expansion or house movement.


Chimney Leaking:

If you have a wood or fiber cement chimney, and it's leaking it is likely leaking at the trim, or the flashing. If the chimney trim is bad your roof will leak. Good Guys Roofing can repair your trim or the flashing.

Roof Vent Repair or Replacement:

Some plastic roof vents leak if they become damaged from hail or crack from thermal expansion. We recommend installing metal roof vents with metal base flashing with every new roof replacement.

Roof Shingle Replacement: 

Are you one of the rare, lucky property owners in Dallas / Fort Worth that has a roof that has managed to survive the barrage of hail / wind / & tornado damage for the last 20-25 years? If so, your roof shingles may be deteriorating and may need to simply be replaced. Call us now for a free roof replacement quote. 

Is your roof leaking? Good Guys roofing company specializes in roof repairs of all sizes and scopes. Is your chimney leaking? Or the bathroom vent, or near a sink or toilet? Whatever the cause of your roof leak, Good Guys Roofing Company can repair your roof. 


Call us now and one of our project managers will stop by to give you an estimate to fix the cause of the leak and we will let you know if you are in need of any other repairs while we're out there. We'll also apply roofing sealant to any exposed nails and document any other roof maintenance item we think you should keep an eye on in the near future. 

We realize your home is your biggest investment in your emotional and financial security. That's why we strive to act promptly and swiftly when your home has a roof leak. We have a team that specializes in small roof repairs so that we can begin the roof repair as soon as you approve the project.