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Why should you hire the best roofing company in Dallas? 

Clean Tear off

We tear off your roof down to the decking. If your roofer does not tear off your roof to the decking he is violating building code, and they may not be able to detect rotted or damaged decking. Notice how the contractor on the right did not remove the felt paper and simply installed synthetic underlayment over the old felt? 


Good Guys

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Damaged Flashings

These are damaged roof flashings. If your contractor does not replace damaged roof flashings during your roof replacement, they are not only violating building codes, they are almost guaranteeing you'll have a roof leak down the road. Call Good Guys Roofing Company today for a quote to replace your roof 972-472-4000 

Flashing Replacement - Good Guys Roofing Company Dallas, TX

If your chimney has siding, we may need to replace the siding and paint the chimney after the roofers have replaced the flashing. We apologize for the inconvenience as this may add 1-2 days to your project. Re-using damaged flashings violates building codes for re-roofing projects. We realize this can be unsightly for the time being, but we do not cut corners with our professional roof installation. Our roofers will cover any openings caused by the siding removal to temporarily weather proof your chimney before our siding and paint crew can finish it. We promise the end result is going to be fantastic. Call Good Guys Roofing Company today for a free roof replacement quote. 972-472-4000

Skylight Flashing - Good Guys Roofing Company


Another very important component of your roof system is the flashing used around skylights. Water has no way of being wicked away from the base of the skylight curb, so you need to make sure this area is water tight. A lot of roofing contractors will rely on silicone or other adhesive to minimize leaks. We do not recommend relying on a building products that have a lifespan of 1-2 years. When you re-flash the skylight properly, the flashing system will outlast the shingles. If your contractor is re-using the skylight flashings they are not only violating building code, but they are setting you up for leaks down the road

One of Good Guys Roofing Company's project managers will document any flashings that need to be replaced that your insurance adjuster did not include in their original estimate. We'll reconcile the scope of work to ensure you're getting a complete roofing system installed. Do not settle for an insurance company or contractor that wants you to cut corners and re-use flashings. 

Good Guys Roofing Company removes the old corroded and rusted flashings and we wrap the skylight curb with ice and water membrane. This is the backup protection should we experience torrential or wind driven rain that could defeat the chimney flashing. 

Good Guys Roofing Company installs new skylight flashings. We can paint the flashing to match your roof, or leave the shiny "mill" finished flashing depending on your preference. 

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