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Will my roof leak if I only have one missing tile or shingle? 

First off, tile and asphalt shingle roofs are completely different roof systems. If you have a tile roof and one tile is missing, it could cause leaks once the underlayment is compromised. We recommend inspecting your tile roof immediately after you notice a tile missing or cracked and damaged. The underlayment and adjacent flashings can begin to deteriorate quickly allowing water entry into your house. If you have a tile roof and the underlayment is damaged, the repairs become more expensive as the scope of repair goes beyond just replacing the damaged tile. You'll now to have to repair the compromised underlayment, rotted decking and any compromised flashings as a result. 

For instance a simple tile swap might only cost you $200-$250, but repairing rotted decking and replacing the one broken tile could cost you $4,000 with the extra labor and materials required to properly repair the area on your roof. Once the roof deck has been compromised it must be replaced. One piece of roof decking is 4'x8' so your roofing contractor will now have to remove about 30-40 tiles just to access the decking.

If you have an asphalt shingle roof like a GAF Timberline, Owens Corning Duration, or CertainTeed Landmark then you'll be able to more easily repair the missing shingle so long as the existing roof shingles are in good shape. The major component of these roofing shingles is asphalt, so if the roof shingles are older, they will be less pliable which makes repairs more challenging. A typical minimum roof repair for asphalt shingles will be $200-300 depending on a few other factors: Roof Pitch, accessibility, shingle brand and etc. 

If you need an experienced roofing contractor in the Dallas Fort Worth area to inspect your roof for leaks or storm damage, call Good Guys Roofing today. (972) 472-4000

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