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I need a new roof; Roof Replacement Dallas, TX

What Most People Think you need to get a new roof

Roof Damage Istock Photo.jpg

While the photos above may look really bad for your home, the photo on the left will probably qualify you for a partial roof replacement and the photo on the right will likely just qualify you for a shingle repair. The photo on the left is likely from tree branch damage which would cause damage to the decking and framing, but it is quite a simple fix. The photo on the right is from an improperly installed roof lacking starter strip along the rake edge of the roof system and likely over-driven fasteners from nail guns. Some insurance companies will pay to repair the damaged section but the total repair would be less than $500 and would not qualify you for a new roof. 

What you actually need to get a new roof..

Photo Mar 19, 9 58 29 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 03, 8 55 40 AM.jpg
What does hail damage look like? 

These are photos from a recent insurance adjuster meeting for two different clients.


The photo on the left has a clear defined border revealing the hail impact. This hail damage is about 9-10 months old which occurred in Carrollton TX in June of 2018. It was difficult to see the hail immediately after the storm, however, after some aging and rain with freeze-thaw cycles the hail damage became more evident and easier to detect by the field adjuster. 

The photo on the right is a textbook hail hit on a fresh shingle. Hail does not always damage your roof where it will cause immediate leaks. However it will bruise the matting of the shingle which leaves a defined border with granules that are "hanging on" and waiting to wash out after some rains and especially after frost and freeze cycles. 

When you have wind or debris damage your roof, the damage is obviously localized to that one area, so while the damage may seem more severe from the ground, it's sometimes more easily repairable where as hail will damage the entire roof so repairs are more costly thus requiring full replacement. 

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