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Good Guys Roofing Company - What to expect on roof install 

  • Delivery – your roofing material will arrive between 6 AM - 9 AM

  • Roof Install - We can reliably install 30 squares per working day depending on weather. 

  • Early starts – Our roofing crews start as early as 7 AM.

  • Potential delays – We try our absolute best to give our homeowners a realistic start date, but please bear in mind that there are countless extenuating circumstances that can affect the schedule. Inclement weather, surprises on the job before yours, material delay, crew leaders may get sick or have an emergency, etc. We will do our best to keep you up to date with any schedule changes along the way. Please keep in mind our crews work every day from 7 AM - 9 PM except for Sundays during the summer months, and they might need to take longer breaks during the heat of the day which would delay your project – thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 

  • Satellite - During the construction of the roof, we're going to detach your satellite. Please call your service provider to schedule a time to come out and re-calibrate the dish. Your insurance company will reimburse you for the service call. If you wish, we can shingle around the dish, but we do not recommend this practice as it can cause a roof leak in the future. 

  • Move cars – Be sure to park on the street the night before so you don’t get trapped in the garage during construction.

  • Noise – demolition and the roof installation can be noisy – sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Nails – as you can imagine, the installation of a roof involves a LOT of nails. Just as many come off the roof as go on it. It is nearly impossible to keep your yard free of nails during the roof installation. However, we will run your yard with heavy magnets to pick up the nails after the job is finished. 

  • Outdoor furniture – please move any lawn furniture, yard art, or grills away from the side of the house to protect it from debris during construction. We don’t want to damage anything!

  • Plants – our roofing crews will do their best to protect landscaping immediately around the house, but unfortunately plants cannot be temporarily moved like lawn chairs or grills. We apologize in advance if any shrubs lose a branch or any flowers get squished.

  • Chimney Flashings - See this section which will explain this process further. If your chimney has siding, we may need to remove and replace some of the siding after the flashing is replaced. We will send our siding and painting team out to your house promptly to put everything back together as good as if not better than it was before. Do not worry as we will have covered up any openings in case of a shower. We apologize in advance, but we do not cut corners when installing roofs as we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, but getting the job done the right way the first time sometimes takes a little more time. 

  • Leftover roofing materials – We always order more materials than we need on a job because it is better to have some left over than not enough, as it can delay projects by a couple days to over a week. Any leftovers will be picked up by our company after the completion of the project.

  • Walk-through – when the roofing project is complete, I will stop by to go over the roof installation, and the punch list of any items that might be remaining. 

  • Our goal – Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We want this to be a painless process for you with as few inconveniences as possible, and our goal is that you will be a pleased customer after the job is done. 


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