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How does Hail affect my roof? 

Hail damage is different from storm to storm. Whether or not hail will damage your roof is contingent upon many factors.


  • Composition

  • Size

  • Length of Storm / quantity

  • Trajectory  of storm & pitch of your roof. 

  • Age of your roof

Composition of Hail Stone: Whether or not the hail that hit your roof was frozen solid or not has the biggest determination on whether or not your roof will sustain damage. We have seen hail as small as a dime completely destroy roofs in North Dallas/Plano in the 2016 Storm. We've also seen 4'' hail that was not dense break apart much like a snow ball would in another storm. 

The size of hail is also important. If two hail stones of equivalent density hit your roof, it makes sense that the 3'' hail stone will do more damage than the 1.5'' hail stone. 

Length of the storm will have an impact or rather how many hail stones hit your roof. 

Trajectory of hail storm combined with your roof pitch. If you can imaged a commercial flat roof being hit with the same hail storm, that a house with a steep pitch went through, it would be common to find only half of the roof damaged that had a steep pitch. 

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