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What(How Much) does a new roof cost in Dallas, TX?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

An average 2000 Sq ft house with a 2 car attached garage in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX will average anywhere from $8000 - $12,000 for a lifetime dimensional or architectural shingle such as GAF Timberline, Owens Corning Oakridge, or Certainteed Landmark.

Why is their such a wide price gap? There are many factors to consider when pricing your roof. However there are three simple components to any roof bid and I'll break them down for you.

  1. Materials

  2. Labor

  3. Markup

#1 Materials IE shingles, felt, nails, flashings & etc. Most all contractors buy from Lowes, Home Depot, ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, or etc. Some contractors may choose to buy material from a local supplier to save on costs.

#2 Labor - If the contractor uses subs this is typically a fixed per square price plus any specialty or detail work. If the contractor uses w-2 employees, then the labor cost is their hourly wage + other labor burdens(FUTA, SUTA, insurance, and other benefits) applied to the job

#3 Markup - This is going to have the most variance as contractors all have different business models. Ideally, as a business owner, you want to have enough markup on your jobs to cover your business overhead (operating expenses including your salary), and have profit leftover.

#1 I suggest hiring a contractor that purchases materials from a large supplier or big box store like Home Depot or Lowes. This is a way to make sure you're not buying discarded material, 2nds or factory rejects which many local suppliers will sell you if you're not careful. You could hire the most skilled contractor, but if he installs 50 squares of shingles with defective sealant strips you'll be left holding the expensive repair bill.

Some shingles are factory rejects in original packaging due to cosmetic issues such as oiling, faded granules, or other reasons and you won't be able to notice the issue until your roof is installed.

#2 Labor - Skilled labor can vary wildly. Some crews will have veteran installers with a couple apprentices and some general ground / loading crews. I recommend vetting your contractor to ensure he/she has an experienced crew who has installed hundreds of your type of roof system. Roofing Crew labor costs can vary in Dallas / Fort Worth from $45/square upto $75/square for the same project which can result in a $1100 difference for an average 2000 SQ/ft home.

#3 Markup - I always recommend hiring the contractor you feel most comfortable with regardless of pricing. If you listen to your gut instinct, 9/10 you will make the right choice. We've all been taken advantage of. Think about the times you've been taken advantage of and it rarely has anything to do with being over charged for a quality product. You only feel taken advantage of when the vendor/supplier/contractor doesn't deliver on their promise. Tips on how to hire a contractor in DFW which can also apply to other markets.

- Low Bidder Warning! If all things being equal why would you choose the lowest bidder for your home repair project? The lowest bidder is the most likely contractor to be out of business. Remember!, It doesn't matter what fancy warranty the contractor offers if they're not around to honor it!

That being said, I also advise against the guy in a $120,000 jacked up truck that brings you a high bid. Chances are he is (overcompensating, lol jk just had to..) operating at a needlessly higher overhead rate and needs to charge more for his mud tires and big shocks, so the extra cost in his bid might not equal better quality over your head.

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28 giu 2022

Roofing is a major project and it's important to think twice before investing it. Hire a professional roof repair company so that your investment will be spent accordingly.

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